Executive Search

Executive appointments and senior specialised positions require a tailored approached. Typically these candidates are not actively seeking a new role and will, therefore, only respond to a direct approach through our industry knowledge and research capability.

Combined Executive Search & Advertising

This has become an increasingly popular recruitment approach as it combines the comprehensive Retained Advertised strategy with a targeted approach to key individuals within a specific market sector that are likely to have the skills to benefit the role. As these initiatives occur simultaneously, significant time and cost efficiencies can be achieved, whilst opening up the candidate pool to ‘non-active’ candidates.

Retained Assignment incorporating social media solutions

A well placed and professionally written advertisement has proven time and again to be an effective strategy in order to successfully fill a wide variety of appointments. When utilised in combination with social media attraction strategies that leverage platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Callaways ensures that quality candidates contemplating a career change are introduced to the opportunity at your organisation.

Our professional competency based assessment and behavioural interviewing will ensure that we provide you with a qualified shortlist that expertly meets your requirements.

Database Search

Callaways has acquired one the industry’s leading recruitment database platforms and continually strives to ensure that the information stored is up to date and relevant. We provide the optimum mix of candidates currently contemplating a career change, whether that is for contract or permanent positions. Our database enables us to quickly advise our clients of candidate‚Äôs availability and suitability and often can deliver a same day turnaround response.

Executive Contracting & Interim Solutions

Interim solutions offer clients the flexibility of using a contract resource to provide support for a fixed term project, review or to underpin a lack of current resources.

These highly qualified contract professionals can be supplied on short notice across the spectrum of Finance & Accounting, IT, Legal and Program/Change Management. Reference checked to ensure their capability meets your urgent requirements our online timesheeting software completes a highly efficient service offering.

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